In Drupal 7, it is not necessary to call drupal_install_schema(), or drupal_uninstall_schema(); that is automatically done from Drupal. It is enough to implement hook_schema(), and the database table is created. There are many modules for Drupal 7 implementing that hook, and their database tables are created.

Two possible causes for the database table not being created:

  • The short name of the module is not bip_content_migration
  • You added the hook_schema() implementation on an already installed module

If you installed the module, disabled it, changed the code, and re-enabled it, the database table would not be created. Disabling a module is different from uninstalling it. Uninstalling is done when a module is disabled, and then uninstalled from the “Uninstall” tab in admin/modules.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.00.28 AM

Also considering the following two cases, as Drupal should have given you some errors:

  • The schema is not correct
  • Drupal is not able to connect to the database, while installing the module.

If there are more databases, be sure you are looking at the right database.