• Download the app called FinderPath from https://bahoom.com/finderpath/
  • Install the app, and it might ask to change settings in order to run the application.
  • After installation, open Finder and press CMD + G and there it is…


Press Command+G or click on Finder’s titlebar item to activate the FinderPath address bar.Shortcuts
Tab/Return Complete highlighted suggestion & open Path in Finder
Down Arrow Display a list of completions
⌘ + Return Open file
⌘ + Up     Go to parent folder
⌘ + H       Go to Home folder
⌘ + N      Open new Window
Escape Leave address bar
⌘ + R Reload (also works when inactive)
⌘ + T Open in Terminal (also works when inactive)
⇧⌘ + F Enter Search Mode (also works when inactive)
⇧⌘ + . Show/Hide hidden files (restarts Finder, also works when inactive)